York University Track and Field Club

Who We Are/Our Mission

The York University Track & Field Club strives to develop a competitive athletics club primarily, but not exclusively, for youth, in a way that fosters, stimulates, and promotes interest in amateur track and field athletics.  
It is our goal for our athletes to:

-Exemplify integrity, honesty, sportsmanlike conduct & fair play
-Rise to the challenge through commitment, perseverance, persistence, reliability & Dependability
-Maximize their athletic skills and abilities through training
-Promote wellness & safety
-Foster a sense of pride and confidence
-Develop the ability to evaluate performance, strategies, and set goals
-Recognize achievement & continuous improvement

Enjoy their experience with the club, have a sense of belonging in a healthy environment
So that the York University Track & Field Club enables its members to realize their full potential.

DBSA Funding Allotments

We allocate the funds from bingo sessions to go towards a variety of different projects to keep the cost of programming affordable for athletes in the community. 
Uses for the funds include:
-Purchasing uniforms for the athletes
-Purchasing training and competition equipment for the athletes
-Providing travel and accommodations for the athletes to sanctioned competitions outside of the GTA
-Providing facility passes at the training location for the athletes

DBSA Funds in Action