Yorktown Family Services

Who We Are/Our Mission

Serving Toronto for over 30 years as an accredited mental health agency,  Family Services enables children, youth, young adults, and families, as well as women and children who are survivors of domestic violence, to bring positive change to their lives. ’s motto is “You have come to the right place”. We uphold this by ensuring equitable, barrier-free access to mental health and social services, and a Violence Against Women Shelter and programs to under-resourced and vulnerable members of the GTA. 's objective is to connect anyone in need with the services they require. Programs include individual, family, and specialized group therapy, a telepsychiatry consultation program, community outreach, care navigation, integrated care for youth and young adults, child welfare diversion programs, Violence Against Women Services, and so much more--at Yorktown and through our extensive network of partners.

DBSA Funding Allotments

 Yorktown is grateful to be a member DSBA and OCGA and partnering with the City of Toronto and the OLG for c-Gaming fundraising. One of the absolute most difficult things to raise funds for is rent. Without funding for rent, as a social service organization, we would not be able to deliver the critical programs and services that the communities we support require. In addition, communication of our programs and services is crucial to ensure that those that are in need of social services, mental health support, or Violence Against Women shelter and programs know we are here to help.


Programs such as:

-Here To Help--a support program for children who have witnessed gender-based violence, helping them heal emotionally,  

-Mindful Fathering--a program that helps fathers break the cycle of violence and become a positive influence in their children’s lives,

-Care Navigation--a program that ensures that clients with complex mental health needs are connected to all the support they require,

-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis--young adults who have had a psychotic break are supported in their local community

DBSA Funds in Action