Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships

Who We Are/Our Mission

We work towards a society that values, supports and welcomes the contributions of all individuals throughout their lives.

For this reason we engage the participation of people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences in a variety of  activities.


We believe in:

·  Respecting and valuing the ways of all ages, backgrounds and experiences

·  Respecting and valuing the thinking of all generations

·  Eliminating artificial and systemic barriers created by age stereotyping and all other forms of discrimination

·  Extending and sharing  support beyond family and acquaintances


· We promote  harmony and lifelong learning

· We design and deliver  support programs in   with the community

· We design and deliver programs which encourage participation of individuals of all ages, backgrounds and experiences

· We strive to become a centre of best practices for  programming

· We promote and incorporate in all our activities access and equity principles

· We select diverse community agencies with whom we can form specific finite renegotiable . The goal of such  is an  program under the auspices of the partner’s agency.

DBSA Funding Allotments

With the assistance of funds from Dolphin Bingo TIGP is able to provide intergenerational programs and supports throughout the city of Toronto. With he allocation of these funds over 25 programs and services support over 10,000 individuals annually. Programs and services include Poverty Reduction programs, social recreational programs, food security programs, technology programs and health and wellness programs. A common factor in all of our programs is to bridge the gap between generations while providing healthier and safer communities. Thanks to Dolphin Bingo we are able to accomplish this mission.

DBSA Funds in Action