Toronto Concert Orchestra

Who We Are/Our Mission

Toronto Concert Orchestra is Southern Ontario’s premier professional entertainment orchestra, offering engaging quality performances. TCO presents Symphony in the City, a highly curated orchestral concert series that marries classical, opera, rock, and jazz genres in an immersive, beautiful and intimate setting on the waterfront, the iconic Palais Royale and tours extensively across Ontario. It is Toronto Concert Orchestra’s artistic mission to: 1. Strive for peak performance individually, as an ensemble, and throughout the organization. 2. Develop more powerful and deep connections through music between and among performers and audiences thus fostering close collaboration and respect. 3. Aspire toward versatility and flexibility as an organization and artistically have the willingness to risk failure in our creative endeavours. 4. Produce creative art but also present real change in how our art form of symphonic music progresses.

DBSA Funding Allotments

Gaming funds are used towards artistic expenses, venue rentals, instrument and score rentals, new compositions, videography, and online materials.

DBSA Funds in Action