Toronto Achievement Centre/The Dublaine School

Who We Are/Our Mission

Dunblaine is a non-profit elementary school that meets the unique needs and abilities of students who have been diagnosed as learning disabled. Our specialized approach and methodology optimize learning, strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence, and promote meta-cognition. That is, Dunblaine creates opportunities for success through a better understanding of each student’s learning differences and abilities.

The aim of the school is to help children recognize and reach their full potential by:

Developing individualized learning strategies and independent study habits

Offering small class sizes, structured activities, and direct instruction

Fostering an environment where educational, social, and emotional needs are addressed through partnership amongst staff, students, parents and involved professionals.

DBSA Funding Allotments

Dunblaine has benefited from the funds by incorporating extracurricular programs and activities that inspire, empower and enrich our students. Bingo funding has offset the costs of Assistive Technology, Yoga, Computers, Drama, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and so much more. 

DBSA Funds in Action