The Pines Adult Day Centre Inc.

Who We Are/Our Mission

The Pines program is a non-profit adult day center and our mandate is to serve the disabled population.

Our program offers many activities and learning opportunities to improve life skills, social skills and most of all, develop friendships in a non-judgmental environment.

Our mission is:

To support individuals with special needs to achieve their full potential in a safe, enriching environment promoting independence, creativity and socialization.


DBSA Funding Allotments

Since we started receiving Bingo funds, our whole landscape has changed. We are able to provide our clients with programs and activities that are  enriching and meaningful . We are using  our Bingo funds primarily for the following:

-A new van to facilitate our ongoing transportation needs

-Bus rentals to transport larger groups on excursions

-purchase equipment that will promote independence, nutrition and making healthy choices

-equipment to facilitate complex medical needs for our clients

-technology for educational purposes

-unique learning opportunities

DBSA Funds in Action