The Extra Mile Ministries

Who We Are/Our Mission

The Extra Mile Ministries (EMM) is a Christian charity guided by a simple yet profound mission: to aid the less fortunate, addressing both their physical & spiritual needs. Our purpose is rooted in a commitment to providing practical support, as we simultaneously strive to foster spiritual growth and well-being – guiding them on a path of faith and hope. Our ultimate aim is to make a positive and holistic impact on the lives of those we serve, reflecting the core values of compassion and care that are central to our mission.


DBSA Funding Allotments

The allocation of funds generated from EMM’s bingo events is a thoughtful and purpose driven process. A significant portion of the proceeds is dedicated to our Skills Training program, which helps equip new immigrants and low-income individuals with the skills they need to secure entry level employment. Additionally, we allocate a portion of the funds to our Back-to-School program, ensuring that children in need are equipped with essential supplies as they begin their academic journey. These initiatives allow us to address both immediate and long term needs within our community, ultimately contributing to a brighter and more promising future for those we serve.

DBSA Funds in Action