The Chimera Project Dance Theatre

Who We Are/Our Mission

The Chimera Project Dance Theatre is Toronto based contemporary dance company recognized for extreme physicality and powerful educational programming. Our creative team is comprised of Western-based, First Nations, Metis and Indigenous artists. Chimera delivers community connected audience-serving programming in three areas: Creation, Production and Education.


Our creative voice, developed by choreographer and founding artistic director Malgorzata

Nowacka-May, has been recognized through accolades including Top 10 performances of the year” The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, NOW, FASHION, and being showcased in some of top Canadian dance contexts. Chimera nurtures creative voices of artistic associates and

commissioned choreographers, resulting in over 300 emerging and established choreographers being presented by the company.


We produce dance works annually in diverse venues, non-traditional spaces, virtual platforms, and on film. We produce festivals such as Haunted Dances (2022) in the Annex, Toronto, and have brought 297 artists to the Harbourfront Centre Theatre through FRESH BLOOD, a presented in partnership with Harbourfront Centre.


We foster creative growth annually within our communities by creating innovative educational programs in partnerships with schools and educator.


DBSA Funding Allotments

Funds generously given by the Dolphin Gaming charitable program sustain all aspects of our ongoing activity, helping thousands of young people and children experience art through dance annually. From stage rentals to point shoes, this vital programs sustains creativity, passion and creative growth. The arts benefit our society by building and sustaining empathy in young children, creating community connections and supporting healthy living.

DBSA Funds in Action