Shakespeare In Action

Who We Are/Our Mission

Shakespeare in Action is a professional theatre and arts education company with a 35 year history of engaging audiences in the exploration and performance of classical and contemporary stories. With a dedicated home in Artscape Weston Common, we are committed to and inspired by stories that engage and reflect our community. Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services provides services and advocates to improve health outcomes for immigrants, refugees, and their communities, which have been made vulnerable by systemic barriers and poverty.


DBSA Funding Allotments

The funds Shakespeare in Action receives from charitable gaming directly fund many of our community projects and services. One of the primary ways SiA spends these funds is by hiring local artists, such as actors, to teach workshops to youth in our community. These workshops are often hosted by public schools, to enhance classroom curriculum and provide arts opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to our youth. SiA also uses charitable gaming funds to partially fund two full scale stage plays per calendar year, which are free or an accessible cost for the local community. These plays represent the only professional theatre available in York South, and would not be possible without the financial support of charitable gaming.

DBSA Funds in Action