Settlement Assistance and Family Support Services

Who We Are/Our Mission

                                                                                                  Our Mission 

          Empower and assist our community in accessing opportunities, in building their lives,  and in fulfilling their dreams 

                                                                                        Purpose of Our Charity 

                                                To support and assist newcomers, refugees, those in poverty and isolation and  victims of any type of violence. 

DBSA Funding Allotments

Funds are allocated towards the following:
Rental of Storage Room, Rental of Office space (for VAW Program), Client
Assistance Program - (Fees for volunteers to assist clients when attending
legal or medical appointments, driving clients to shelters, and providing
translation services), Salary for Assistant VAW Counsellor, Salary for English
Conversation Class Instructor, Emergency Travel Fees (for VAW clients),
Bus Rental Fees - (for field trips when required), Emergency shelter in motel -
(for VAW clients when required), Salary for Part-Time Mental Health
Specialist - Not yet hired, Salary for Part-Time Assistant VAW Counsellor -
Not yet hired and Speaker fees for workshops (CAS, Legal Aid Ontario,
Access to Housing, Ontario Works and ODSP (upon approval when required).

DBSA Funds in Action