Red Apple Day Care

Who We Are/Our Mission

We Believe in:

  • High quality child care in a safe, nurturing, stimulating and integrated environment
  • The individuality and uniqueness of each child
  • Individualized and small group programming
  • The enhancement of each child’s self-esteem
  • Respect for our multicultural diversity
  • Daily, open communication between educators and parents
  • High quality early learning and care environments which combines learning expectations, activities and routines from childcare, family support programs and existing kindergarten.
  • Continuum of support to respond to the changing needs of all families and children.


DBSA Funding Allotments

Fees from the charitable gaming program supports our day care in the following ways:

· School bus rental and field trip entrances to places like Toronto Zoo, Downey Farm, Play Studio for the Arts, CN Tower, Ripley’s, etc.

· Purchase of Indoor and Outdoor toys, equipment and Furniture like arts and crafts supplies, toys, games, puppets, bikes, balls, scooter, tables, beds, etc.

· Fees for special guests to provide additional programming in house like yoga, science, music, stem, robotics, etc.

DBSA Funds in Action