Parasport Ontario

Who We Are/Our Mission

ParaSport® Ontario supports all members of the disability community in finding their sport or activity of choice. Our vision is to unify the parasport sector, promoting opportunities for ALL people with disabilities. Out mission is to provide the residents of Toronto with leadership, resources, and support to connect the disability community to adaptive sport and healthy living opportunities. We support all members of the disability community in choosing their own parasport path. Even though it is individualized for each person, overall, the goals are the same - to increase physical activity participation, mental health, and quality of life for anyone with a disability.

DBSA Funding Allotments

  • Community outreach program to introduce parasports to people with and without disabilities whereby they can try various parasports with the adaptive equipment ParaSport® Ontario provides; educate the able bodied to be inclusive, accepting & aware through presentations by Athlete Ambassadors who go into schools, at all levels of education, and to various businesses and community groups to demonstrate various parasports with a Try-It component whereby part of the program is for those in attendance to try the various parasports with the adaptive equipment provided.
  • Purchase of, repairs to and storage space for adaptive equipment used in the Outreach Program
  • Van maintenance & repairs which is an essential part of the Outreach Program for transporting the adaptive equipment.
  • Disseminate information via website, printed matter, attending various trade shows like the Toronto Abilities Expo.

DBSA Funds in Action