Luso Canadian Charitable Society

Who We Are/Our Mission

Luso Canadian Charitable Society is a community-based organization that supports individuals living with physical and/or developmental disabilities to achieve personal growth. We work in partnership with the broader community to provide access to information and person-centered programs and services that facilitate learning, choice, independence, and community inclusion.

Through our guiding principles, we envision an inclusive community/society where people with physical and/or developmental disabilities have full access to equitable, responsive, and sustainable supports and services; and where their unique gifts, differences and contributions are valued, welcomed and celebrated through their full participation in community life.

DBSA Funding Allotments

Charitable Gaming proceeds are used to support the ongoing needs of current and new programs. This includes, for example, the purchase of supplies for arts & crafts, life skills (e.g. cooking, gardening), technology investment for communication, interaction, and the creation of digital skills, such as smartboards/ tablets for activities, plus needed funding for community outings that support social inclusion and community integration. Charitable Funds may also be used for the acquisition of unique program needs, such as specific furniture, like butterfly tables for wheelchair users that support special needs for access.


DBSA Funds in Action