East Scarborough Boys & Girls Club

Who We Are/Our Mission

The East Scarborough Boys and Girls Club provides service to over 6,000 children and youth in the East Scarborough community, where 30% of the population lives below the poverty line, less than half completed post-secondary education, where 70% are visibleminorities and a quarter of the population identifies as Black. The Club is dedicated to vital frontline work that addresses systematic issues together with children, youth andfamilies in a marginalized community where there is a real danger of being disconnected and disenfranchised from each other and the systems designed to support them.


DBSA Funding Allotments

 Purchase of various program supplies such as arts and crafts and books were purchased with the proceeds from Bingo funds. The funds were also used to help cover the cost of field trips (Tree House Club House, Cineplex, Neb’s Fun World, Scotia Bank Arena) including transportation to, and from the various trip venues. During the Holiday Season, Bingo funds were used towards helping families in need by supplying Holiday Help gift boxes and grocery cards to help offset the costs of food and winter clothing during an economically challenging time.  Funds were requested for tables for MAAT Youth Centre, as well as for the purchase of an accessibility vehicle to transport food and donated items to our BGC East Scarborough centres and the community.

DBSA Funds in Action