Dance Collection Danse

Who We Are/Our Mission

Dance Collection Danse, founded in 1986 by Lawrence and Miriam Adams, is a national arts organization that safeguards Canada’s dance archives and artifacts and disseminates this history through its varied programs. A unique organization straddling the performing arts, museum, and archival communities, DCD offers the opportunity to understand, investigate, and experience the legacies of dance in Canada. In addition to managing Canada’s largest collection of dance materials, DCD shares dance heritage internationally through virtual and live exhibits, lectures, workshops, educational kits, publishing projects, and by supporting research. It has also developed the DCD Discover portal, which will ultimately lead to full online access to DCD’s collection as well as dance materials from individuals, and arts and heritage organizations. DCD celebrates Canada’s dance legacies annually through the Dance Collection Danse Hall of Fame, which includes a live event and online content. 

DBSA Funding Allotments

Dance Collection Danse (DCD) is Canada’s only dedicated archive for dance records of all kinds - for all kinds of dance.  Funds raised from cGaming allow Dance Collection Danse to purchase critical supplies to archive our records.  Gaming proceeds are also used to pay for skilled contractors to catalogue documents and digitize materials for broad based public use.

DBSA Funds in Action