B'nai Brith Sports Corp.

Who We Are/Our Mission

 B’nai Brith Canada is the country’s oldest independent Jewish Human Rights organization. We are a principled grassroots voice, dedicated to eradicating racism, antisemitism, and hatred in all its forms, championing the rights of the marginalized while providing basic human needs for members of our community.

DBSA Funding Allotments

 Funds from this partnership go to the following B’nai Brith Canada programs: B’nai Brith Canada owns and operates three affordable housing buildings in Toronto where subsidized housing is provided to those living below the poverty line; B’nai Brith Canada runs a senior’s program that operates five days a week, running a 45 minute class each day, free-of-charge, ranging from art to exercise; B’nai Brith Canada runs programs that advance education, including but not limited to, holocaust programs, establishing an Anti-Hate Hotline, and an annual audit of anti-Semitic incidents; B’nai Brith Canada established a food bank at the beginning of COVID due to the closure of two other kosher food banks and currently, we deliver 130 food boxes to seniors and families living below the poverty line.

DBSA Funds in Action