Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre

Who We Are/Our Mission

 BBNC works with diverse individuals, families and communities to overcome barriers and enhance quality of life.  We do this by fostering social inclusion, developing skills and abilities, and collaborating with our partners to facilitate access to a range of trauma-informed, flexible and responsive programs and services. We envision a strong and inclusive neighbourhood in which community members fully participate in opportunities, which enhance well-being for all.

DBSA Funding Allotments

 BBNC allocates funds from the eBingo to all service areas within the organization. Funds are utilized for:

Program supplies 

· Preschool programs for children newborn to 6 years of age

· Youth Development Initiatives

· Seniors Active Living

· SHARE365 Poverty Reduction program (working with individuals and families living below the Low-Income Cut Off rates (LICO)


 Instructor and Facilitator Fees

· Child & Family Centre

· Youth Development Initiatives

· Seniors Fitness Classes

· Workshops and training sessions



· Group events

· TTC Assistance for SHARE365 participants

DBSA Funds in Action