Actors Repertory Company

Who We Are/Our Mission

ARC is an ensemble-based company that produces contemporary international theatre in a multinational city. We take a rigorous, bold, socially active, and highly collaborative approach to producing thought-provoking international works in their Canadian premiere. By collaborating with community stakeholders, non-governmental organizations, and our audience, we create this work as a means of engaging with relevant global conversations. Community engagement and social justice are at the core of who we are as theatre-makers.

DBSA Funding Allotments

All funding goes towards our productions. This includes Artistic Salaries/Fees for Actors, Directors, Designers, Technical Staff, and Workshop Facilitators. Production expenses including set materials, lighting/sound/video/projection equipment rentals and materials, costumes, props, insurance, freight and delivery. Advertising/marketing expenses, online ads, printing of play brochures and programs. Venue rentals for rehearsals, workshops, and performances of productions.

DBSA Funds in Action